Welcome 0.0% comrades Justrug NFT launchpad is the first NFT launchpad on tron blockchain. Our mission is to onboard as much NFT collections and collectors as possible. We strive to restore tron NFTs to the glory days and beyond, through education and guidance on the proper way to do NFT. Are you surprised by our name? You are probably thinking about what a rugpull means, well that is the point. We carefully and thoughtfully chose the name to have that effect. As a launchpad we are exposed to helping many different projects launch, some of which we cannot guarantee of their 100% success, therefore we will be needing our beloved collectors and community members to do their own research, even our name will constantly remind them of that.

JustRug NFT launchpad provides all the assistance and help needed by a new project to succeed on tron blockchain, such services include but are not limited to


RUGMEN is the first collection by Justrug NFT launchpad. RUGMEN is an original collection of 2000 NFTs, holding this NFT comes with various benefits which include:


Rugcoin will be the coin to power the ecosystem we are building. More info coming...

Robert Emmanuel I.

Founder, Marketing and Community manager


Lead Artist


Blockchain developer


Frontend Blockchain Developer

Dike Mark

Graphic Designer